Friday, September 23, 2016


These lovely portraits focusing on water play hail from The High Tea Shoot with shooter extraordinaire, Jim Vetter who captured the romance of the Gatsby era beautifully in that collab project I'll never forget . 
Photography: Jim Vetter Photography
Gowns and Headpieces: Amy-Jo Tatum
Makeup and Hair by Rachel Gardea
Models: Alex and May
Photographer Assist: Soheila Moghadam

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Did you know even before Marie Antoinette, the parasol was considered a necessity in every woman's wardrobe to ward off the sun. By the mid-1800s when they hit their zenith in the Western World, it was at least known then sun prematurely ages skin. A century later we have scientific proof exposure not only ages but can cause melanoma. So our grandmothers had the right idea flaunting beautiful accessories (before sunscreen). And so evolved the parasol; at  it's most chic it can be an art form full of intricate treatments and applications just like hats, veils, purses and shoes.

Top Photo via Tumblr
Photo 2 by Bryan John Hendon Photo 3 by Ryan Chua//Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 4 via Etsy
Photo 5 by Adeline and Grace Photography via Style Me Pretty

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


This light, springy and transparent fabric was once considered suitable only for spring and summer bridal wear.  Thanks to designers organza is now year-round and widely used in gowns requiring full skirts, A-lines, trains, veils, drapes and overlays.  Feast your eyes on some ways I used one of my fave fabrics--organza . . . . .

Above: Photo 1--The FLORA Dress sporting an organza train dappled in silk rose petals//Photo by Lirette Photography//Below: An array of embroidered organzas. Photo 2: The APRIL Dress, a ballerina length allover organza with a full skirt//Stephanie Williams Photography//Photo 3: The GIGI Dress, an A-line in embroidered organza with bottom flounce//Photo 4: The BEATRIX Dress, an embroidered organza bodice with a full tulle skirt//Photo by Dominic Colacchio Photography

Monday, September 19, 2016


I like to think of the skirt component as the one in which the most critical movement takes place. The skirt goes into motion when you put one foot in front of the other and make your way down the aisle or dance with your groom. And because the skirt is an action piece, it has a certain ‘living quality’ once you start moving around in it. Added embellishments like beads and crystals reflect light a different way every step you take; back slits reveal sexy legs and bustling can transform a gown one moment from elegance, the next to poetry and romanticism. Consider once you start really moving around, your skirt, your dress as a whole is constantly changing with you in it.

Since most gown silhouettes are based on the skirt proportion of a sheath, ball gown or A-line, let’s look at a few details within those categories. Skirt details vary and are filled with special treatments like pleats, overlays and drapes. For instance, ruffles are a design detail that can add length; deep inverted pleats can add fullness without bulk to the waist or hips. Zeroing in on which of these treatments you want is going to be one of your most important decisions. 
 Draped or bustled-Can be applied to sheaths, A-lines or ball gowns. A drape is a wrap of fabric pleated or gathered to the side or back seams of the skirt adding fullness. They can be integrated into the original pattern or added on in a contrasting fabric. Imagine a 1930s evening gown in a lightweight crepe, asymmetrically draped front to back. In heavier fabrics like faille and peau, swathes of draping lend a more sculpted, architectural look to the gown giving it that Goddess on a Pedestal quality. 
 Flounce-A ruffle or pleating of any width around the bottom of the skirt. Seen nowadays mostly as a bit of flounce peaking out of a skirt overlay.

Tiers-Can be one or up to even ten layers of tiering in a range of lengths and fabrics. Think of a Spanish dancer.

Graduated Hemline(s)-Again think Spanish Dancer. Hem tapers from a high to low point. Can be applied as one or more skirts.

Trumpet-Form of princess line with two vertical seams up front and back with godets (triangular pieces sewn into the seams) adding fullness around the knees.

Overskirt-Most are detachable and worn over a sheath or A-line. Could be considered a detachable train if it’s elongated in back.

Overlay-Like the overskirt, the overlay is placed over an existing skirt. Some employ special effects like being cut asymmetrically or short in front, long in back. The difference between the overskirt and overlay is the latter is generally incorporated into the pattern when the gown is made.

Circular-Full skirt completely on the bias. Typically fitted onto a natural or dropped waist with a sweeping, flowing hem. Takes on totally diverse characteristics according to what fabric is used. In lightweight silk crepe its fluid; wool crepe heavily fluid. In heavier satins its very structured and needs well thought out understructure.

 Photo 3: The GEZELIQUE Dress from The Union Shoot//Photo by Nathan Larimer of Winter Tree Studios

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Pics of this week are shot by Yours Truly.  I captured these gems between waiting for photographer Samantha Brancado to set up out at Fort Cronkite for The Classic To Cutting Edge Shoot.  So proud of myself here--very little photoshopping and the light and backdrop of the barn are unretouched!  Amazing . . .

   Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum/Hair by Pins and Curls/Makeup by Prettyolgie

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 I hope this medley of images concocted out of Russian Net inspires you in your veil search--maybe look down a new avenue in the way of head chic. Russian net has a wide weave and is typically stiffer than French netting.  Because of it's body it makes awesome poufs and cage veils; thus you can see in the photo above Russian Net lends itself well to a longer veil adding incredible drama.
 Header Photo via Tumbler
Photo 5" The Cage Pouf by Amy-Jo Tatum//Photo by Bill Smoot

Monday, September 12, 2016


What could be sweeter than adding a flock of flower girls to your wedding? Either making the trek down the aisle or weaving in and out of festivities, kids--but especially girls-- add a bright and energetic tone to any wedding. In Europe, kids make up the wedding party almost entirely. Remember Lady Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981? Her eldest attendant was a junior bridesmaid. The rest were taffeta-clad flower girls and pages dressed in the traditional costume of the English Court. Whatever theme or direction your wedding takes, little girl  fashion usually echoes that of the wedding party. If you're in a ball gown and your groom in a tux, the flower girls could wear fluffy white dresses with a contrasting sash, possibly combining some of the laces from the bride's gown. 

If you are getting married in say, a vineyard setting, consider a flower Girl in a more relaxed linen the same shade as the bridesmaids. If it's a more casual wedding and/or money is tight, here are some options:Find her a special little cotton or linen nightgown she can use afterwards. She'll look Kate Greenaway chic in it, especially if she goes barefoot at an outdoor or beach wedding. The trick to getting away with this informality is making sure the rest of your little one's appearance looks festive enough— ribbons or wreaths on the head; possibly straw baskets of flowers

 Header Photo: via Tumblr

Photo 3: via Tumblr
Photo 5: via My Misty Morning
Photo 7: via Tumblr

Friday, September 9, 2016


A truly stunning image found on Tumbler by Photographer, D'Arcy Benincosa, a real talent.  I just love the framing the face technique with white florals--absolutely gorgeous!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


 A few treats from The Forever Boho Collection.  Great thing about custom design is you can take a basic garment and do just about anything you want with it.  These wedding dresses. COSETTE and JOY are pretty basic.  Imagine the customized options you'd have here.  The dress above and directly below is wrapped with a shirred silk scarf jutaposing the purely romantic look with something a bit wild . . . . .
  Above: There's something so magnificent about a light as air lace with a slight sheen like the one above used in creating the CALIOPE Dress.  Soft satin lining makes this dress soooooooooo comfortable to wear.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Photographer and host of this styled shoot was myself, Mychelle LeVan Photography. I love creating something raw, emotional and beautiful. I have an amazing team of photographers including Brittney Baugh and Amie Price,who love being a part of couple's lives and new beginnings! We always strive to capture that one photo that will set itself apart from the rest. This styled shoot was a vision I had to collaborate with other vendors, and make something memorable and hopefully a little different. We all had a great day together! A lot of sweat, dust, time and talent were brought together to make a memory we won't forget.
The sky was so blue. The grass so green. The beauty of the painted horse was captivating. It was a beautiful sunny day and the photo looked so free and open. When I saw this I knew I just had to set up a shoot to portray how the photo made me feel. I have always admired the simple country living lifestyle. A place when time feels like it slows down and we can enjoy the simplicity of life.? I chose a Deep Wines theme because I think these colors really reach a classic yet new, simple yet sultry, full of deep emotions and richness.? Imagine if you will; pulling up to a big, rusty, country, gated entry off a windy dirt road. With 11 different vendors totaling over 25 people working on this project with me, you realize it's going to be a sweaty, busy, fun filled afternoon!


 We start out with Hair by Linda Quintanilla and Makeup by Courtney Arceo at 2pm. Myself and two assistant photographers, Something Goode Vintage Rentals and Edelweiss Events, began setting up around 3:30pm. By the time we were done at 5:30pm we were literally dripping in sweat! Mean- while hair and makeup were finished and the gowns were ready! We had a gown from Esila Bridal for our Sherbet theme. Esila Bridal specializes in elegant, modest wedding gowns available to rent or purchase. With their semi-custom gowns and your imagination, your appointment will be a unique experience that will leave you feeling beautiful and excited about your wedding day. We also had a hand made gown by Michelle Coletti owner of Coletti Threads Alteration Boutique. Colletti Threads is a highly skilled and sought after atelier specializing in wedding dress and formal alteration.  Their broad vision offers an unlimited variety and possibility for each bride to make her gown her own. They custom design, custom-make, replicate, combine designs, modify, restyle, add embellishments, and provide couture bridal alterations. 

 Our fabulous florist was Edelweiss Events. An Edelweiss event is always something to look forward to! With over 30 years in the floral world it is up to them to make your event unique and one to remember. They create a once in a lifetime floral designs for your wedding, with amazing bouquets, centerpieces and anything floral you can imagine. Their creativity will bring your vision to life! Something Goode Vintage Rentals specializes in rentals of exquisite and unique heirloom furniture and décor and offers styling for weddings, showers, tea parties, photo shoots and special occasions. 
 Our beautiful cakes were from Sinfully Sweet Cake Design, a Cypress based cake artist. Jenna Crawford, the owner and founder, showcases trendy and unique styles with a flair for modern techniques. Clean lines are the focal point of her designed edible art showpieces, along with a love of metallics and a twist on classic designs. Brockstar Videos is the brainchild of a goofy redhead located North of Houston.? Kristi Brockman has lived her life through a lens. She loves telling a story with the skills she learned from her TV and Film degrees. With 20 years of experience you can trust that she will capture your wedding day artfully. She's a videographer extraordinare!
Photographer and Host of the styled shoot was myself, Mychelle LeVan Photography. I love creating something raw, emotional and beautiful. I have an amazing team of photographers including Brittney Baugh and Amie Price wholove being a part of couple's lives and new beginnings! We always strive to capture that one photo that will set itself apart from the rest. This styled shoot was a vision of mine to collaborate with other vendors, and make something memorable and hopefully a little different. We all had a great day together! A lot of sweat, dust, time and talent were brought together to make a memory we won't forget.